Children in Divorce & Child Custody

In a divorce where children are involved there are further legal implications to be considered. All parties in a divorce, including the courts, want what is best for the children and their welfare is paramount,.  If you are about to begin the divorce process and have children, you should be asking questions and seeking legal advice about;


  • Who gets custody of the children?
  • How is child custody decided and arranged?
  • Am I entitled to child custody as a father?
  • Can I stop my husband/wife from seeing the children?
  • Can I my husband/wife  stop me from seeing my children?
  • How will I know what child maintenance payments be required?
  • How can I afford child maintenance payments?

Contrary to what is commonly thought, the subject of child custody doesn't get raised as a matter of course when people petition for divorce.

A 'statement of arrangements for children' must be completed in order for this to happen. This is a detailed four part form which covers the children's schooling, their home life and has in depth questions about their care and maintenance needs.

A statement of arrangements must be completed for every child in the family who is under the age of 16 or is under 18 but in full time education or training for a professional trade or vocation.

Giving the importance and sometimes complex nature of the 'statement of arrangements for children' document Family law Cardiff strongly advise you get the best legal advice available before completing and beginning court proceedings. Family Law Cardiff can provide this.

If you are about to embark on the divorce process you should know that, as of 6th April 2011, a Mediation Assessment is required for divorcing couples before going to court to debate finances on divorce.

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