Collaborative Law

Collaborative law give couples going through a divorce the opportunity to resolve their disputes through negotiation rather than in the confrontational setting of the divorce courts. Each party still appoints a divorce lawyer however, negotiation takes place face to face rather than through lawyers letters or phone calls between solicitors.

Collaborative law is new and is designed to give  divorcing couples a less aggressive process to pursue as a divorce option that hopefully allows the couple to agree terms under less stressful circumstance s than a divorce court.

The process  has been shown to help foster a more  amicable resolution between the divorcing couple and to lower the stress and discomfort felt by children, family and friends.

The further benefit of the collaborative law option is the avoidance of court costs, which can make this process a far less expensive option. Couples also get to have far more control and input into the final outcome rather than being wholly reliant on the decision of a judge.

It is essential that you have the best divorce lawyer or divorce solicitor available representing you in the collaborative law process. This will put you in a very strong negotiating position, ensuring that you get the maximum benefit from the negotiations.

At Family Law Cardiff our divorce solicitors are experienced in helping clients negotiate the collaborative law process, giving you the best legal advice and getting the outcome you want.

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