Family Mediation

In Mediation, the two parties in dispute appoint an external third party to 'mediate", i.e. facilitate a solution, normally through negotiation and compromise, that everyone can agree on.

By it's nature, mediation, fits well with family law issues such as divorce. It can help keep the disputes out of court, this reduces the stress levels for all involved and avoids the accusatory conditions that can be often found in a court. The process focuses on using compromise to move towards a more positive settlement.

Mediation can reduce the expense of the whole divorce or separation process by keeping the dispute away from the courts. Any couple who intend to debate finances in court as part of their divorce must now by law take part in a Mediation Assessment.

Mediation is informal but it is still essential that you get the best possible legal advice from a lawyer or solicitor before embarking on the process. At Family Law Cardiff we will provide the best advice and information on mediation, we will tell you if it's the right course of action for you and refer you to an expert mediator. We will advise you as you go through the process making sure you get the best possible outcome.

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