Prenuptial Agreements

With prenuptial agreements couples who are considering getting married or registering a civil partnership can decide, ahead of the wedding, how their assets and finances e.g. house, cars or businesses, are divided should the marriage fail and end in divorce.

'Prenup agreements' are often thought of as being only for celebrities or the rich. However with the UK divorce rate currently sitting at 33%, more and more of the general population are deciding that a prenuptial (or 'prenuptual' as it is sometimes wrongly spelt) is a wise and fair option ahead of marriage.

UK law has had a mixed approach to penups. Recognised throughout the world, the UK courts still choose to apply only the parts of the agreement they judge to be reasonable.

This could soon be subject to change, in the case of Radmacher (formerly Grantino) v Grantino, also known as NG v KR (prenuptial contract), the Court of Appeal said judges should "treat pre-nuptial agreements as the decisive element". Furthermore they called for the law to be changed to reflect their decision

We are left with the situation where Prenuptial Agreements, though not enforced by law, can have considerable influence on the judges decision in a divorce court. To exert that influence the terms of your prenuptial agreement need to be viewed as fair and reasonable.

At Family Law Cardiff we give you the best advice on prenuptial agreements in Cardiff. We can help you draw up terms that will be given a positive interpretation by the courts, and therefore have a much better chance of being enforced should the marriage end in divorce.

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